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This website will aide the devotees especially the followers of Madhwacharya - Philosopher of Dwaita Siddhantha, one of the three schools of thought in India. As this tradition continues for nearly 700+ years, this website is an attempt to compile various mutt's Guru Parampare (lineage of saints), Hanuman Temples/ Moola Brindhavana that can guide devotees to visit those places.

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Devotees can post questions and get clarified from fellow Devotees.
Please share Pictures,Videos of Yathigalu Aradhana happening in your area.

About Search Modules

Moola Brindhavana

This module will allow devotees to search on Yathigalu or Mutt Name or Indian State or Indian District. This module will provide information about Moola Brindhavana's available.

Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha Pratishtha Mukhya Prana Devaru

This module will allow devotees to search on Temple Name or State or District, which will provide information on temples where Hanuman Vigraha's (Mukhya Prana) is Pratishtha by Sri Vyasaraja Tirtharu.

Basic Panchanga/Yearly Special

Panchanga module allow devotees to get basic panchanga information. Options available to choose single Day or an entire Month.
Yearly Special module allow devotees to get information on important days in the Madhwa calendar for the current year.

The information available in various modules are collected from general websites/provided by followers of Madhwa Sampradaya.
For latest information we request the devotees to follow their respective Mutt Websites and calendars.

We request the devotees to provide feedback and additional data that are missing today to compile and make it available for everyone to use.

To provide feedback/suggestions reach us through "Contact Us" Page.

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